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The College Admissions Calculator
The College Admissions Calculator Is  Offered as a Membership Only Service.  
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There are many factors considered by an admissions committee.  
The Calculator Tool does not take into consideration many important
admissions requirements necessary to have a complete understanding
of an individual applicant. Additional factors such as personal essays,
letters of recommendation, interviews, and involvement in extracurricular
activities provide a comprehensive picture of an applicant.   The Admissions
Calculator Tool, when used properly, is a powerful monitoring tool and
guide, designed only to assist you as you make college choices.   It is
important to understand that every college applicant profile will be different,
and every admissions review will be personal.

The interactive Calculator Tool, and its accompanying content, are
informational and educational tools only.  They do not constitute advice. 
We cannot and do not guarantee their accuracy or their applicability to
your circumstances.  The College Admissions Calculator is not affiliated
with any college, university or school admissions office, and there is no
promise (implied or otherwise) of admission to any school, college, or
university.  We do not make admissions decisions, nor do we suggest
that if your academic profile matches the profile of  any of the colleges
on the grids, you will be offered a positive admissions decision, or if you
are not an exact match, that you will be denied a positive decision.  

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