The College Admissions Calculator

College Admissions Calculator for High School Students

We are pleased to launch our website, The College Admissions Calculator, where you can learn more about the unique college-admissions-monitoring tool, The Calculator. The Calculator gives high school students and their parents the ability to monitor grades and GPA throughout high school, and provides the tools to self assess competitiveness to almost every four-year public and private college in Georgia, as well as to the most popular colleges in each of the other southeastern states, and to the Ivy League and the HBCU colleges.  It's all available at the click of a button!

Evaluating college competitiveness or trying to figure out your child’s academic GPA using percentage-based grades is no easy task. The good news is that The College Admissions Calculator instantly converts percentage-based grades to the 4.0 scale, computes the Academic GPA, the HOPE GPA, and high school graduation requirements.  The Calculator is very simple to use.  You simply enter the courses your child has taken, the grades he/she has received in those courses, and any test scores he/she has obtained.  There is nothing else to enter or do. Drop-down menus make entering this information easy—that’s it--you’re done. The Calculator does the rest.    With the click of a button, your child’s academic information is populated in every college grid in the tool, making it possible for you to compare your child's academic information against the academics of the “average-admitted” student to hundreds of colleges, all at the same time.

You will know instantly to which colleges your child will be a competitive applicant and which colleges will be safety schools.  Everything you need for an immediate and visible snapshot of your child’s academic profile and competitiveness---college enrollment and admissions statistics, and your child’s academic record---all in one place. For juniors and seniors, money can be spent on application fees and visits to those colleges offering the greatest chances of admission.  Freshmen and sophomores will have the tools necessary to monitor their GPA and admissions competitiveness throughout their four years in high school. Click any college on any grid and you will be directed to the admissions homepage of that college--where you can learn more specific information about deadlines and the application process—and save significant time in internet searching. There is no tool like it anywhere, and you will be pleased with the significant benefits the College Admissions Calculator offers you!  

Benefits For High School Students Starting in 9th Grade through 12th Grade

The end of four years of high school will come down to one thing, where will your child go to college. As friends open letters of admission and boast about acceptances, will your child feel good about his/her college choices?  Monitoring grades, test prep, and planning are essential activities for getting into the college of first choice.  With the Calculator, take control of college choices now by monitoring your GPA as often as you like-- built in formulas make changes to grades a cinch!  The Tool recalculates the GPA every time a grade is added or changed. Don't wait until it's too late--too late to undo grades or retake tests. Estimate grades in each of your courses at the beginning of your first six-week grading period, or for the semester, to see what impact achieving a specific grade will have on your GPA.  This will help you to plan and work hard to get the GPA you need to get into the college of first choice.  On the other hand, you can use this tool for planning college choices, or for developing a plan to strengthen academics. Or simply keep a watchful eye on your progress and your competitiveness. The Calculator puts the ball back in your court!  

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